The Bastards

“You have to be a Bastard to make it,
And that’s a Fact.”

– John Lennon

DigiBastards was born out of discontent of what two simple dudes observed in the world of webdesign. Big agencies with a lot of mumbo jumbo, gigantic overheads and a strong focus on making cash. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy to recognize websites coming from these big boys, and there’s too many of them around…

We’re here to do it differently. We’re DigiBastards. Not because we create cheap rubbish and sell it for an arm and a leg, but because we have a clear goal; to make sexy websites for fair prices. We’re the Bastards because the big boys look pretty lousy next to us. If we get criticized for upsetting some people along the way, so be it. That’s because we’re Bastards.


Awesome Websites




Location Independant






Sacred Cows

The Bastard DNA




The Bastards are audacious, but only for the sake of quality. There is not much we despise more than half work, second-best because of budget and lousy compromises. We create websites we stand for, even if this means we have to argue with the customer.

Location Independent


The bastards are spread across the world in Europe and Asia, making it possible to work in different time zones, resulting in a long and efficient workday. We can literally realize your dreams while you are sleeping.



In our opinion there’s only one condition for success, which is a well-founded plan. We are suckers for structure, and steer fiercely towards this during the development process of your website. A clear, transparent and effective approach for everyone involved.

Meet the Bastards

DigiBastards Headshot Bart

Bart K.

Responsible for the technical realization of criminally awesome projects. Wanted in 27 countries for digital crimes against competitors. Location currently unknown, rumors have it he is is in Indonesia and has turned himself into a woman.

DigiBastards Headshot Hans

Hans H.

Responsible for project management and also a cover up Bart K. Comes across as a fair, honorable guy while meanwhile passing ingenious solutions to unsuspecting customers. Interpol is working on a case against H.